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Serving Carts

We have 4 unique serving carts for hire:

Ice cream cart

The ice cream cart comes with:

  • 6 different flavours
  • various wafer cones
  • topped with hundreds and thousandsIce cream Serving Cart

Burger and hot dog cart

The burger/hot dog cart comes with:

  • serving mini beef burgers 
  • serving mini hot dogs
  • rolls
  • sauses

Potato cart

 The burger/hot dog cart comes with:

  • vol au vent cases
  • potato cases
  • served with 4 different toppings

Crepe on a stick

The burger/hot dog cart comes with:

  • serving savoury
  • serving sweet items,
  • such as frankfurters wrapped in crepes
  • strawberry kebabs wrapped in crepes
  • choose your own item and find out if we can wrap it in our crepe machine

Serving Cart


make your next catered affair a tasteful ocassion